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Vogel: The team has a Cheap NBA 2K18 MT lot of places to improve, the goal is the playoffs

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Recently, the magic coach Frank – Vogel received an exclusive interview with the media, the following interview excerpts.

Q: Last season you did not get into the playoffs, what did you feel about it?

A: I was very impressed with the time, I do not want to go through that kind of feelings again, this year we have to make a breakthrough. We are all preparing for the new season throughout the summer, and I am looking forward to our performance this year.

Q: You are a habit of watching a lot of games in the offseason race, then this summer you mainly read what?
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A: Most of my time is really watching the video, I mainly watched our game in the back of the season 24 games, when we used a smaller rotation faster lineup. My main concern is where we can continue to improve in the game and what will happen when we play faster.

Q: next season will be Elfried – Payton and Aaron – Gordon’s fourth season, and they seem to have a lot of potential has not been excavated, the new season you have any hope for them?

A: We hope that our change is from the inside out, which requires our young core players to continue to grow, the team to a new height. They have improved in the last season, but I hope they can go further.

Q: What do you think of the addition of Maris-Spets?

A: Last season he raised his outside shot, and now he is one of the best in the league. He will bring the team not the same vitality, and he also has a wealth of experience in the game, the team he would be a very good addition.

Q: You said you want to impact the playoffs in the new season, then this team will ask what kind of request?

A: We have a lot of things to improve, this is what we want to do in the new season. Last season we only won 29 games, so if we want to enter the future race must have a huge progress.

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