Aion 4.5 Test KR Patch Note

So what’s new Buy Aion Kinah in this update? lets read about it:
New sub class has ben added, the Aethertech. You can select it the from the technist class
In order to use the armor the weapon has to activate it

Changes to AP obtained from victories and defeats
AP gained from wining at pvp has been adjusted according with the class(rank?)
AP lost from losing at pvp has been adjusted according with the rank

Killing monsters will give the same amount of AP regardless of rank
Fixed a problem with weapons animations when worn on the left hand
Fixed a problem in gunslinger graphic skill
Change to flight paths

Added 8 new instances in the Upper Abyss and Idian Depths
Protective Tower Rune: 6 person instance, level 65 and higher, resets every wednesday at 9 am, can enter 4 times before reset

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Airport group cooperation fifa coins

Airport group cooperation to build the flagship type fifa coins base airline. In the “Introduction” at the same time, Chongqing also pay attention to “go out”. The bear Lin said, “ccisf important fifa coins in Hungary in the small and medium-sized enterprises cross-border investment and Trade Fair” attracted cheap fifa 18 coins enterprises in Hungary in-depth fifa coins, 15 projects signed on the spot, 186 enterprises.16 clear intention to cooperate enterprises in Chongqing will be held in late July in fifa coins further docking project landing matters. In the future I want to take many Taiwanese friends here to look around, looking for a Some fifa coins opportunities. “24 days in Zhejiang, Anhui Taiwan Association of fifa 18 ps4 coins in the southwest of Zhejiang visits in Anhui city of Hefei Province Taiwan fifa coins, Hefei extraordinary biological technology Co., Ltd. chairman Huang Hongzhou said, to seek development opportunities in Zhejiang, fifa coins.

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the seventh fifa ultimate coins agriculture

In June 16th, the seventh BRICs agriculture ministers meeting held in Jiangsu from Brazil, fifa ultimate coins, Russia, India, China and South Africa BRICs Ministry of agriculture and FAO, WFP, IFAD and the new BRICs Development Bank and fifa ultimate coins international organization delegation attended the meeting. As a representative of Chinese entrepreneurs, Zhang Jindong, chairman of Suning Holdings Group, fifa ultimate coins the practice of fifa 18 coin website in promoting agricultural and rural economic development at the forum with representatives of more than 200 BRICs conferences. As an fifa ultimate coins ultimate coins, Zhang Jindong made a “strengthening interoperability” theme of the prosperity of the rural economy in the fifa 18 ps3 coins countries agricultural cooperation fifa ultimate coins, Suning is willing to express the wisdom of retail as a link,

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so the picture and sound cheap ultimate team coins

so the picture and sound of the set-up, there are a lot of parameters can be adjusted either. cheap ultimate team coins TV, or play games, users can through personalized settings, showing their own ideal on the A1 screen, the love cheap ultimate team coins and sound effects. The SONY A1 depth measurement: The best show TV / stage and the number of Chinese game screen 4K HD video content and style of the cheap ultimate team coins, SONY has maintained a rich online entertainment content and the number of China’s cooperation, movies, drama, variety and other coin fifa 18 contents of the pan cheap ultimate team coins coverage is very full. Of course, in order to more thorough localization, SONY and Sohu also video, music sports and entertainment resources provider QQ music cheap ultimate team coins most influential reached a depth of cooperation, can fully meet the different age of consumers multiple entertainment demands. Concluded: SONY A1 design cheap ultimate team coins OLED the future of television set a new benchmark for SONY A1 TV ps3 fifa 18 coins TV series the continuation of the high-end models of minimalist style, combined cheap ultimate team coins a new 4K HDR image processing chip X1 advanced version, the latest Acoustic Surface screen technology field and blessings, through the integration of HDR cheap ultimate team coins object like by remodeling technique based on 4K HDR 14bi T smooth gradient, three core technology of double image database,

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