Aion 4.5 Test KR Patch Note

So what’s new Buy Aion Kinah in this update? lets read about it:
New sub class has ben added, the Aethertech. You can select it the from the technist class
In order to use the armor the weapon has to activate it

Changes to AP obtained from victories and defeats
AP gained from wining at pvp has been adjusted according with the class(rank?)
AP lost from losing at pvp has been adjusted according with the rank

Killing monsters will give the same amount of AP regardless of rank
Fixed a problem with weapons animations when worn on the left hand
Fixed a problem in gunslinger graphic skill
Change to flight paths

Added 8 new instances in the Upper Abyss and Idian Depths
Protective Tower Rune: 6 person instance, level 65 and higher, resets every wednesday at 9 am, can enter 4 times before reset

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the Raptors in the three-point nba mt coins only 23 vote 5

In the series opener, the Raptors in the three-point line only 23 vote 5, in the second quarter of the game to 10 minutes and 45 seconds, Patterson outside hit three points, which is already the Raptors in the field Match the record of the fifth in mind three points. After Lori steals Ade Quinco, and assists Tucker to complete the counterattack, the Raptors made 36-27 lead. But after nba mt coins Raptors suddenly scoring drought, 5 consecutive shots, Monroe fined with 6 points to lead the Bucks to play a wave of 9-0 offensive, tenacious to catch the score to 36 level. After the Raptors had two points will be opened to 8 points, but they in the nba mt coins 1 and a half minutes in this section again scoring drought, Hawks in the nba mt coins of the buzzer, the Bucks at the end of the half Score to chase 52-55. Lori took 12 points in this section.

In the first battle of the series, the Raptors in the first half to 51-46 to stay ahead, but the second half they lost to the Bucks 32-51. So in the second half of the game, the Raptors will play what kind of performance? Obviously, mt 2k Raptors learned the lesson, anyway, during the third quarter of the game, they obviously want to play more determined. In this section 6 minutes 37 seconds left, Lori fast break layup, the Raptors played a wave of 13-0 offensive, the score opened to 73-60. In this section 1 minute 47 nba mobile coins left, Ibaka outside hit three points, the nba mt coins also to 84-77 to stay ahead. However, the Raptors once again ups and downs, in the remaining time of this section, they cast 4 of 0 points in 1 did not.


the Clippers to regain the state under the leadership of Griffin

The last 3 minutes of this section, buy cheap mt Clippers to regain the state, under the leadership of Griffin, the Clippers played a 14-4 attack wave, re-opened the score to the double-digit, third strike Boat 82-70 lead. Throughout the third quarter, Leonard scored

After the opening, the first 14 seconds, Wade shot in the Lin Shuhao foul, give the Nets 2 free throws. 3 minutes and 19 seconds, Fu Yi pass, Brook – Lopez cast hit. 3 minutes 35 seconds, Wade mistakes passing, steals by Jefferson. mt coins for sale Nets played with the smooth, this section of the team buy nba 2k mt a total of eight assists, which Fu Yi one for his teammates sent 2 passes. Bulls to strengthen the defense, this section of the team completed a total of 5 steals. Bulls this section of the poor state, mistakes up to 6 times. The Nets repeatedly impact the basket, get 10 free throws, penalty 7 goals, free throw percentage to 70.00%. The first section of the cruise, the Nets to 32-25 lead.

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