he is currently facing the situation is certain

“Listen, he is currently facing the situation is certain,” Meyers said, “that is to find the problem and then solve it, so I think that is why you need to put his current situation and other people similar The situation is nbacoinsbuy.com/. ” “There are some things in life that are unquestionable, and there is no solution to some things, but Cole ‘s problem is a solution, and we just need to find the core of the problem, and we are confident at this point. 51-year-old Cole will be in the Stanford this week to accept the inspection, his current physical condition is still not nba coins buy to support him in the nbacoinsbuy.com/ future heavy palm.

Temporary coach Mike Brown has always been in contact with Cole, Brown is currently ready to lead the second round of the playoffs to Cole return. “Steve has been involved,” Brown said, “really, no matter what you do before I will consult his views. The only exception is the mt 2k during the nbacoinsbuy.com/, at least I do not want the league know that during the game I do not With the nba mobile coins microphone and his nbacoinsbuy.com/. It is because Cole is still involved in the operation of the team, so the warriors can still step by step, even in the case of others not in the team.


Inside grabbed the offensive buy mt beforehand 11 vote in the whole

Inside grabbed the offensive rebounds beforehand, 11 vote in the buy mt, individuals get 24 points. Oradea arc top cast three points, Beverly steals less, Oradea was forced to foul. Within two free throws, Wei less mistakes again, buy mt key moment hit the vote, 108-103, only 41.8 seconds of the game. Wei and then the third of the blacksmith, Harden key moment inexplicable mistakes, Adams hit a penalty after the second penalty deliberately, Wei less vote in the third, but before the buy mt of the game 11.6 seconds, within the deadly 2 +1, rocket lock Victory.

Knight big score 3-0 lead, and before the Pacers never in the 7 war 4 wins in the series was swept, the fourth mt points, both teams want to win. After the start of the game, Teague breakthrough layup, Myers outside the three-point succeeded, the Pacers opened a play 5-0, until the first quarter there are 8 minutes and 52 seconds when the Cavaliers with Irving a jumper, Won the first point of the mt nba. After the knight gradually find the buy mt, and gradually to catch up with the score, the middle of this section, the Pacers once pulled the score to 6 points, but James, Thompson hit the basket, JR-Smith hit the outside shooting, then the score to catch up. The buy mt section of the game, the Cavaliers 22-24 behind, the team did not send a first assists.

the Raptors in the three-point nba mt coins only 23 vote 5

In the series opener, the Raptors in the three-point line only 23 vote 5, in the second quarter of the game to 10 minutes and 45 seconds, Patterson outside hit three points, which is already the Raptors in the field Match the record of the fifth in mind three points. After Lori steals Ade Quinco, and assists Tucker to complete the counterattack, the Raptors made 36-27 lead. But after nba mt coins Raptors suddenly scoring drought, 5 consecutive shots, Monroe fined with 6 points to lead the Bucks to play a wave of 9-0 offensive, tenacious to catch the score to 36 level. After the Raptors had two points will be opened to 8 points, but they in the nba mt coins 1 and a half minutes in this section again scoring drought, Hawks in the nba mt coins of the buzzer, the Bucks at the end of the half Score to chase 52-55. Lori took 12 points in this section.

In the first battle of the series, the Raptors in the first half to 51-46 to stay ahead, but the second half they lost to the Bucks 32-51. So in the second half of the game, the Raptors will play what kind of performance? Obviously, mt 2k Raptors learned the lesson, anyway, during the third quarter of the game, they obviously want to play more determined. In this section 6 minutes 37 seconds left, Lori fast break layup, the Raptors played a wave of 13-0 offensive, the score opened to 73-60. In this section 1 minute 47 nba mobile coins left, Ibaka outside hit three points, the nba mt coins also to 84-77 to stay ahead. However, the Raptors once again ups and downs, in the remaining time of this section, they cast 4 of 0 points in 1 did not.


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