Jewelry to wear knowledge – How to play jewelery this inner charm and function

Jewelry is a university to ask, often it is even more important than the clothing itself, wearing appropriate, the finishing touch; if the wrong, then became the target of the public, as if openly a few jokes hanging on the body.

How to play jewelery this inner charm and function? First of all, should know what the occasion to wear any jewelry, what occasion can wear jewelry problems. In the past, people think that only formal and solemn occasions can wear jewelry, other occasions is not suitable for wearing jewelry, in fact, this is a kind of understanding of the deviation, as long as the right to wear, any occasion can wear jewelry. We have a deeper understanding of clothing, know that there are suits, casual clothes, dress, casual clothes and so on the difference, and know that in different occasions to wear different clothes, and in the jewelry to wear Replica Cartier jewelry , it seems lack of knowledge, A piece of jewelry to wear it is no longer off, what occasion is it.

Several major occasions to wear jewelry should pay attention to the matter:

For professional women, Zhiye Zhuang accessories more restrictions, in line with certain principles, in fact, their own spend a little thought, clever choice for their temperament and style of jewelry, create their own unique taste, you find confidence and success key. In order to break the uniformity of the professional clothing color, you can in the chest and hair, as well as some of the necklace with some vivid colors of colored stones, in the solemn and serious wear and tear, the transmission to the vitality and beauty of women. This choice of colored gemstones, we must pay attention to the grade of precious stones, precious stones must be pure color, gem of the fire must be good, precious stones must have aura.

At the same time on the basis of Zhiye Zhuang, clever with jewelry, can play a clever change the effect of professional appearance, where the two most important jewelry is the necklace and brooch. In the suit suit the edge of the other side of a curved design of the brooch, you can make the solemn of the suit to add Jixi active dynamic; necklace length, material color, and the design style of different, clever mix, the same can Increase the suit of dynamic and rhythmic beauty.

Special career and special occasions, it is best to wear suitable for their own professional personality and their own taste of personalized jewelry, jewelry should be full of emotional culture connotation, making it a symbol of the body language, it is best to wear professional Designed to create a unique jewelry products. The most fully reflect their own unique taste and personal charm.

Usually, home travel and leisure, the same should pay attention to the form of jewelry and wear with the clothing, generally in this informal occasions, wearing a design of colored stones and semi-precious stones jewelry, and casual wear with each other, plain Out of a different kind of taste.

Spring Festival visit relatives, is that we fully show their own personality and taste the best time to wear, timely and appropriate to wear colored stones jewelry, will give this special millennium spring, add a little color, and will give your family and friends Kind of warm and relaxed feeling. During the Spring Festival, such as participation in the celebration party and other formal occasions, should wear a design of precious jewelry accessories, wearing more than two jewelry, it should be noted that with the jewelry designer to help you solve this problem, the design of the package jewelry.

Common sets have two sets of three suits, four suit, five suit.

Two pieces of trim: (necklace + ring), (ring + earring), (necklace + earring), (earring + brooch), (bracelet + earring).

Three sets of accessories; (ring + necklace + earrings), (ring + necklace + brooch).

Four sets of ornaments: (ring + necklace + earrings + brooch), (ring + necklace + earrings + bracelet).

Five sets: (ring + necklace + earrings + brooch + bracelet), (ring + necklace + earrings + bracelet + headdress).

Treat the suit must be careful to wear, wear inappropriate, it will make a joke. In general, for everyone, it is essential, formal occasions, in principle, is required to wear suits or close to the suit of high-end jewelry. Set in the material, style, technology has a certain request, requires consistency. Two sets of accessories, a wide range of applications, the general situation is more casual, can be equipped with any clothing, into any occasion, but the requirements of jewelry materials, modeling, workmanship, and the environment, clothing can match.

Four sets of accessories, five pieces of clothing to wear must be careful, only more formal and grand occasions can be worn, the environment is not appropriate there will be contrived, too piling up, resulting in negative effects. As the number of kits increases, the weight of the color increases, and the impact on the color and styling of the garment will be relatively large. Therefore, we must pay attention to , as well as with the wearing environment coordination.

For example, the emerald suit is best in the evening to attend the formal occasions to wear, jade green in the light, can look elegant and luxurious, and in the sun, covered with green, will be too dazzling. Platinum sapphire set in such a situation will appear more appropriate, will appear calm some. Ruby, diamond set in the light will have a good effect, pearl suite has a strong adaptability, in most cases, will not appear dazzling, the British Princess Diana, there are many pearl ornaments, she often wear Pearl suite to attend a variety of occasions, always look elegant and luxurious. So it is recommended that you should have a set of pearls to prepare for use, it is not very harsh with the clothing.

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The basic principles of buying precious stones

Many types of precious stones, there are diamonds, rubies, sapphires, cat’s eye stone, jade, agate and so on. Made of more varieties, there are earrings, pendant, pins, rings, necklaces, bracelets, etc., each variety has a variety of styles. No matter what kind of gems to choose, what kind of species, must follow the following basic principles:

1) First of all, from the objective to avoid buying fakes, precious stones, although the small price is high. An obscure gem can sometimes match the price of a color TV, a car or even a radio. If you buy a fake, the loss is huge. To avoid buying fake in addition to subjective to master a certain theoretical knowledge and the accumulation of rich practical experience, the best regular to the state-owned jewelery shop to buy. In order to increase the credibility of enterprises and protect the interests of consumers, some domestic jewelry manufacturers and shops take the initiative to take measures for the vast number of consumer advisory services. For example, the Beijing Arts and Crafts Department of jewelry jewelry for three years has been hiring jewelry Cartier love ring replica experts, the scene for consumers to answer all the questions, and on the spot free identification jewelry. Now, many domestic cities, including small and medium-sized cities have such service measures.

2) even to the state-owned stores to buy jewelry, can not be taken lightly, in order to improve the accuracy of identification, must carry the most basic tools, such as magnifying glass, condenser flashlight and so on. Carrying these tools has no difficulty for consumers. With a magnifying glass can observe the brightness of the surface of the gem, the degree of damage, thus to determine the advantages and disadvantages of precious stones, identify the varieties of precious stones. Identification of precious stones with a magnifying glass, it is best to use a 10 times, if you can prepare a 20 times is better. With the condenser flashlight can observe the transparency of precious stones.

3) gem color is a very important factor. Gem has its inherent natural color. Observe the gem color should pay attention to two issues; do not observe the color of the gem in the transmission of light, and as the main color of the gem. Also pay attention to the impact of light and the environment on the color, for example, can not be observed under the brown glass or incandescent ruby color. The size of the crystal will affect the color of the gem. Some gem crystal larger color thicker, but after processing gem finished color fades, the value of reduced. In the processing of aquamarine, amethyst, topaz and other raw materials often encounter this situation. But also some color thicker, low transparency of raw materials, color and transparency after processing are good, such as garnet and so on.

4) to grasp the value of the value of precious stones, grade principle. The value of the finished gem is determined by its color, purity, processing, gem weight and other aspects of the size of the decision. Which accounted for the color of precious stones accounted for 50% of the quality of precious stones, purity accounted for 30%, pondering processing accounted for 20%, each part by 1 to 10 points into 10 levels. For a given gem, the sum of the three quality factors is multiplied by the respective percentages, and the sum of the gems is given the total quality of the gem. According to the size of the gem (weight) and quality level, the gem of the indicative price. For the color of the gem, the total requirement is to be color, light, bright, crystal and spirit. Gem texture to high hardness, transparency, pure and no impurities, no crack, no flaws. Gem finished work to study, fine, beautiful Cartier love bracelet replica , style to meet their own wishes. The size of the gem and its price ratio, not by mathematical series increase, but according to the growth of the geometric progression. The price has a great span. Size also includes the thickness of the finished life and the size of the package.

5) buy inlaid gem to be serious and careful. Due to the presence of the mosaic frame, the application of certain methods is limited, and after determining the type, it is necessary to observe whether the gemstones have undergone some treatment and whether they are assemblies at high magnification.

  1. Gem of the naked eye identification method

Whether it is ordinary consumers or jewelers, are often engaged in gem trading at the scene, so master the fast and accurate, simple and economical gem identification method is essential. The naked eye identification method is an effective way to meet the above requirements. The essence of the naked eye identification method is based on the unique color, transparency, gloss, hardness, specific gravity, inclusions, dispersion, cleavage, fracture, birefringence, special optical effect and other characteristics of precious stones, such as more than 10 times magnifying glass, Condenser flashlight and other identification. The theory of the naked eye is based on the fact that different gemstones are not the same in terms of appearance, physical properties and so on. The vast majority of gems can be classified according to some of its characteristics into a general range, experienced who can narrow this range to two or three or even accurate to determine. Such as in the current market, it will be Malay jade, green chalcedony and other mistaken for high-grade emerald; red spinel when the ruby; artifacts when the natural goods … … In fact, as long as the master of the gems special trunk, with or without identification equipment, also Can be accurately identified.


Cartier is because of the favor of the royal family was successful

After several years of rapid development, the whole of China’s cultural awareness and historical consciousness has been the academic and wealth class attention. When Cartier began to set up stores in China, Lu Huiquan has realized that culture is the foundation of whether Cartier can be based in China. He chose Beijing and Shanghai as a pilot, Beijing is a very strong traditional culture of the city, not only because it is the capital, but also because it has been in the past 800 years the capital. Although there is no strict indigenous people because of the dynastic change, almost every person who comes here will not consciously dip in the city’s own cultural traditions. At the end of the last century, this is not the best market, but Cartier love bracelet replica believed that with the gradual reconstruction of China’s cultural self-confidence, there will be unlimited potential. And Shanghai is a place where Lu Hui is kind enough, not only because of the cultural influence left by the original French Concession, and the city of Hong Kong, which he grew up, was developed almost under the culture of the old Shanghai. Shanghai and Beijing are different, more international and less cultural standards of the insistence, so very early to Cartier brought considerable income. Lu Huiquan explained that although many brands will be the mainland of China to distinguish the region is very detailed, but in his view, “South – North” is China’s basic historical and cultural structure, so until now, the original way of distribution are Cartier thinking The basis of the Chinese market. But in any case, the restoration of cultural self-confidence means that the Chinese people to rethink the luxury goods like Cartier how to be incorporated into their own culture, of course, this is Lu Huiquan until today are thinking. Lu Huiquan view, on the one hand is China’s luxury design and manufacturing in the obvious enough capacity, not all the designer’s ability and material selection and process problems, more importantly, China has not learned to use luxury to express themselves The current culture, and the traditional China is undoubtedly well versed in this road, he said, the Olympic gold medallion medal design may be a good attempt. Which makes a lot of Chinese wealthy people keen to consume foreign brands, but can not get a cultural settlement. On the other hand, the historical memory of the past 170 years makes the cultural reorganization which contains a clear nationalist sentiment, resulting in a strong resistance to foreign brands, but in addition, there are almost no substitutes available, the same into The dilemma. Lu Huiquan that there are two out of the way, one is to achieve the localization of luxury design, the other is to recognize some of the luxury born born from the different cultures, such as wine, and culture to these exotic goods a suitable location. These two roads of course not easy, “otherwise I would not be so tired.” Cartier love ring replica said with a smile.

Cartier is because of the favor of the royal family was successful, therefore, Lu Huiquan also pay special attention to observe the Chinese view of the royal family. “This is a very interesting thing,” Lu Huiquan said: “Chinese people and the emperor lived together for two thousand years, and now no, and certainly have a cultural response.” Read the February issue on royal life After the report of the ritual study, he said: “The memory, research and expression of the royal family is too important for today’s life in China, and you can not get together with the royal family, whether it is real estate, car or anything else. But it is still an irreplaceable way to imagine a world of culture and draw the energy of life from it.

“The Chinese are also very concerned about the royal family life of other countries, there have been repeated reports of the British royal family, which is a way for the Chinese people to imagine the center of the world.” Cartier soon realized that his royal background is huge Of the market value, they are almost always in the pursuit of traditional Chinese history mark held a variety of large-scale activities. In 1996, Cartier exhibited in the Forbidden City by the famous artist design of gold-plated bottles, 2005, the evening of June 25, Cartier high jewelry appreciation dinner in Beijing Drum Tower area held in Guan Yue Temple, the same year, Cartier’s Richemont even in the group The temple of Beijing held a “watch miracle” exhibition. It is said that after several months of negotiations with the Chinese government, Richemont received support for the first three weeks before the opening. Cartier is not the first to think of the use of these places, but Cartier is in the connotation of the brand most fit the historical memory of these places.

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