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fifa 15 coins publicly expressed

Deep venture publicly expressed, the future investment will go “open up the industry chain” line of thinking, put more energy into the service links,fifa 15 coins do a good job in resource industry chain fifa 15 coins. While rice science and technology business model, just taking the game to the young consumer groups point to reach with fifa 15 coins ability and willingness,fifa 15 coins science and technology enterprises to fifa 15 coins deep participated in the game companies, and even some traditional enterprises begin to have the series may, at present rice technology including takeaway, fifa 15 coins, 3D printed on the exploration of O2O Department points. For example, joint investment venture deep and millet technology project O2O “I have take away”, the future will be through the docking rice technology and related games,fifa 15 coins so that players in the game can fifa 15 coins for yourself or a team of friends on a bowl of hot lunch box; the game experience is not interrupted,fifa 15 coins especially the function of giving inside, let the players and the players more close, at present stage of rice science and technology core is put in the settlement cash streamline business,fifa 15 coins for example, Lihua Fast food,fifa 15 coins which is fifa 15 coins for the emotional flow between players, while doing the task while please friends to eat meal,fifa coins for sale and the game of female friends to enjoy a “cross clothing (across virtual and reality)” fifa 15 coins candlelight dinner, while the constitutive exclusive cooperation item with statues of the most professional 3D portrait printer, so that players can own or with friends in the game “photo” stereoscopic print out, this is in contrast with the conventional standard of hand market,fifa 15 coins largely to meet the personalized needs of everyone. “Want to do their own”.


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