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The reason tattoos fever phenomenon

With today’s constantly updated tattoo equipment , tattoo some negative reactions occur less and less , at or before the time the manual tattoo, the tattoo is completed by hand is slow, prolonged tattoo kits loss of white blood cells in the wound too much , the body will will produce fever , but today mainly to tattoo machine , this situation occurs infrequently.

Tattoo Fever is mostly caused by the destruction of the body in the skin area is too large and too long or when wound infection . When the body produces a wound , injury causes blood vessels to dilate the region, increased permeability of blood vessels , allowing blood to facilitate fluid and white blood cells through the injured area becomes tattoo equipment inflamed and swollen , the influx of large numbers of white blood cells to engulf bacteria and bad tissue , inflammation and swelling may make people a little fever. General bacterial invasion of white blood cells can be organized , but sometimes white blood cells can not completely eliminate the bacteria , which are white blood cells attack bacteria and bacteria will become yellow -green pus mixed , a so-called pus , severe inflammation will have a fever.

When the tattoo wound area range is too large, may be fever , or bacterial invasion, the body’s immune system will also manufacture white blood cells , fever mostly in the body to produce tattoo supply antibodies phenomenon , mainly due to the wound area should be a range of white blood cells too large loss , another way to understand, people will donate blood fever , there is now a separate leukocyte apheresis donors can make donors avoid fever , fever tattoo encountered such a situation is also similar , so pay attention to the area if too large.

If the same person tattoo fever , not a very big area under the circumstances , this person should be a relatively small number of white blood cells , in theory, is relatively tattoo supplies easy to infection, the tattoo does not fit in that period , if it is found necessary to take complete wound pattern inflammatory drugs to prevent inflammation. Although these conditions are normal , but very seldom occurs above only as a tattoo artist tattoo enthusiasts and medical knowledge reference


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