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The basic principles of buying precious stones

Many types of precious stones, there are diamonds, rubies, sapphires, cat’s eye stone, jade, agate and so on. Made of more varieties, there are earrings, pendant, pins, rings, necklaces, bracelets, etc., each variety has a variety of styles. No matter what kind of gems to choose, what kind of species, must follow the following basic principles:

1) First of all, from the objective to avoid buying fakes, precious stones, although the small price is high. An obscure gem can sometimes match the price of a color TV, a car or even a radio. If you buy a fake, the loss is huge. To avoid buying fake in addition to subjective to master a certain theoretical knowledge and the accumulation of rich practical experience, the best regular to the state-owned jewelery shop to buy. In order to increase the credibility of enterprises and protect the interests of consumers, some domestic jewelry manufacturers and shops take the initiative to take measures for the vast number of consumer advisory services. For example, the Beijing Arts and Crafts Department of jewelry jewelry for three years has been hiring jewelry Cartier love ring replica experts, the scene for consumers to answer all the questions, and on the spot free identification jewelry. Now, many domestic cities, including small and medium-sized cities have such service measures.

2) even to the state-owned stores to buy jewelry, can not be taken lightly, in order to improve the accuracy of identification, must carry the most basic tools, such as magnifying glass, condenser flashlight and so on. Carrying these tools has no difficulty for consumers. With a magnifying glass can observe the brightness of the surface of the gem, the degree of damage, thus to determine the advantages and disadvantages of precious stones, identify the varieties of precious stones. Identification of precious stones with a magnifying glass, it is best to use a 10 times, if you can prepare a 20 times is better. With the condenser flashlight can observe the transparency of precious stones.

3) gem color is a very important factor. Gem has its inherent natural color. Observe the gem color should pay attention to two issues; do not observe the color of the gem in the transmission of light, and as the main color of the gem. Also pay attention to the impact of light and the environment on the color, for example, can not be observed under the brown glass or incandescent ruby color. The size of the crystal will affect the color of the gem. Some gem crystal larger color thicker, but after processing gem finished color fades, the value of reduced. In the processing of aquamarine, amethyst, topaz and other raw materials often encounter this situation. But also some color thicker, low transparency of raw materials, color and transparency after processing are good, such as garnet and so on.

4) to grasp the value of the value of precious stones, grade principle. The value of the finished gem is determined by its color, purity, processing, gem weight and other aspects of the size of the decision. Which accounted for the color of precious stones accounted for 50% of the quality of precious stones, purity accounted for 30%, pondering processing accounted for 20%, each part by 1 to 10 points into 10 levels. For a given gem, the sum of the three quality factors is multiplied by the respective percentages, and the sum of the gems is given the total quality of the gem. According to the size of the gem (weight) and quality level, the gem of the indicative price. For the color of the gem, the total requirement is to be color, light, bright, crystal and spirit. Gem texture to high hardness, transparency, pure and no impurities, no crack, no flaws. Gem finished work to study, fine, beautiful Cartier love bracelet replica , style to meet their own wishes. The size of the gem and its price ratio, not by mathematical series increase, but according to the growth of the geometric progression. The price has a great span. Size also includes the thickness of the finished life and the size of the package.

5) buy inlaid gem to be serious and careful. Due to the presence of the mosaic frame, the application of certain methods is limited, and after determining the type, it is necessary to observe whether the gemstones have undergone some treatment and whether they are assemblies at high magnification.

  1. Gem of the naked eye identification method

Whether it is ordinary consumers or jewelers, are often engaged in gem trading at the scene, so master the fast and accurate, simple and economical gem identification method is essential. The naked eye identification method is an effective way to meet the above requirements. The essence of the naked eye identification method is based on the unique color, transparency, gloss, hardness, specific gravity, inclusions, dispersion, cleavage, fracture, birefringence, special optical effect and other characteristics of precious stones, such as more than 10 times magnifying glass, Condenser flashlight and other identification. The theory of the naked eye is based on the fact that different gemstones are not the same in terms of appearance, physical properties and so on. The vast majority of gems can be classified according to some of its characteristics into a general range, experienced who can narrow this range to two or three or even accurate to determine. Such as in the current market, it will be Malay jade, green chalcedony and other mistaken for high-grade emerald; red spinel when the ruby; artifacts when the natural goods … … In fact, as long as the master of the gems special trunk, with or without identification equipment, also Can be accurately identified.


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