Quest-Touch of madness in Astrub

Touch of madness in Astrub   Level 4+
Talk to Eilof Aledec at (3,-20). You have to be at least level 4 to take this quest.
Step 1 : The call of the lunatic
Eilof asks for a woodywood shovel to build his anti-apocalypse shelter.
Bring to Eilof Aledec: x1 Twiggy Shovel
250 XP, 50 kama
Acquire 1 Twiggy Shovel and talk to Eilof Aledec to complete this step.

Step 2 : To have a loaf on one's plank
To build his indestructible shelter, Eilof asks for two chestnut tree planks and a few bread loaves so as to survive the disaster for at least three days...
Bring to Eilof Aledec: x2 Chestnut Plank
Bring to Eilof Aledec: x3 Amaknian Bread
1250 XP
Acquire 2 Chestnut Plank and 3 Amaknian Bread and talk to Eilof Aledec to complete this step and the quest.

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