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Inside grabbed the offensive buy mt beforehand 11 vote in the whole

Inside grabbed the offensive rebounds beforehand, 11 vote in the buy mt, individuals get 24 points. Oradea arc top cast three points, Beverly steals less, Oradea was forced to foul. Within two free throws, Wei less mistakes again, buy mt key moment hit the vote, 108-103, only 41.8 seconds of the game. Wei and then the third of the blacksmith, Harden key moment inexplicable mistakes, Adams hit a penalty after the second penalty deliberately, Wei less vote in the third, but before the buy mt of the game 11.6 seconds, within the deadly 2 +1, rocket lock Victory.

Knight big score 3-0 lead, and before the Pacers never in the 7 war 4 wins in the series was swept, the fourth mt points, both teams want to win. After the start of the game, Teague breakthrough layup, Myers outside the three-point succeeded, the Pacers opened a play 5-0, until the first quarter there are 8 minutes and 52 seconds when the Cavaliers with Irving a jumper, Won the first point of the mt nba. After the knight gradually find the buy mt, and gradually to catch up with the score, the middle of this section, the Pacers once pulled the score to 6 points, but James, Thompson hit the basket, JR-Smith hit the outside shooting, then the score to catch up. The buy mt section of the game, the Cavaliers 22-24 behind, the team did not send a first assists.

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