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Center for Strategic and International Studies released

“China is 3 km YONGSHU reef runway nearing completion” cheap eso gold – satellite photograph taken by the Americans caused a great stir in recent days in the West, although China has long said publicly: China Construction stationed in the Spratly islands and reefs part We have recently completed the land reclamation work, in order to meet the needs of civil and military defense of basic needs, but some Western media as China launched its “maritime threats,” the latest evidence.
At the same time,buy eso gold the first replenishment at sea battle missile exercises in the Yellow Sea of ​​China, and China’s new national security law, but also all kinds of suspicion and misunderstanding caused by the eso gold In the Foreign Ministry’s regular press conference, spokesman Hua Chunying year 2015 the United States’ National Military Strategy Report “unprovoked played up” China threat “of the contents expressed dissatisfaction and opposition, said the Chinese side has repeatedly stated the construction of the South China Sea islands and reefs principled stance on the US side should abandon the Cold War mentality, with China towards the same direction.
“South Island construction progressing rapidly”
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Mill Military Forum
Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying
US media reported this week by the US think tank Center for Strategic and International Studies released images show China has completed construction works in general in the South “controversy reefs” YONGSHU Reef 3000 meters runway, several experts in planning future Further construction months. “Chinese construction projects in the South China Sea islands rapid progress,” the British media said the new satellite photos show that China’s progress in the construction of the South China Sea ahead of other countries. The article said YONGSHU reef runway construction indicates that China “will attempt to claim sovereignty over the airspace above the waters of the controversy.”
Released the same day of another satellite images show Red Reef area has reached 100,000 square meters, the existing facilities and built a port, there are six security monitoring tower in construction. Singapore media said the US military commander in May this year, a predicted YONGSHU reef runway could be put into use at the end, but just released satellite photos show an earlier completion of the runway.
Pictured YONGSHU reef satellite images. 

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