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Cartier is because of the favor of the royal family was successful

After several years of rapid development, the whole of China’s cultural awareness and historical consciousness has been the academic and wealth class attention. When Cartier began to set up stores in China, Lu Huiquan has realized that culture is the foundation of whether Cartier can be based in China. He chose Beijing and Shanghai as a pilot, Beijing is a very strong traditional culture of the city, not only because it is the capital, but also because it has been in the past 800 years the capital. Although there is no strict indigenous people because of the dynastic change, almost every person who comes here will not consciously dip in the city’s own cultural traditions. At the end of the last century, this is not the best market, but Cartier love bracelet replica believed that with the gradual reconstruction of China’s cultural self-confidence, there will be unlimited potential. And Shanghai is a place where Lu Hui is kind enough, not only because of the cultural influence left by the original French Concession, and the city of Hong Kong, which he grew up, was developed almost under the culture of the old Shanghai. Shanghai and Beijing are different, more international and less cultural standards of the insistence, so very early to Cartier brought considerable income. Lu Huiquan explained that although many brands will be the mainland of China to distinguish the region is very detailed, but in his view, “South – North” is China’s basic historical and cultural structure, so until now, the original way of distribution are Cartier thinking The basis of the Chinese market. But in any case, the restoration of cultural self-confidence means that the Chinese people to rethink the luxury goods like Cartier how to be incorporated into their own culture, of course, this is Lu Huiquan until today are thinking. Lu Huiquan view, on the one hand is China’s luxury design and manufacturing in the obvious enough capacity, not all the designer’s ability and material selection and process problems, more importantly, China has not learned to use luxury to express themselves The current culture, and the traditional China is undoubtedly well versed in this road, he said, the Olympic gold medallion medal design may be a good attempt. Which makes a lot of Chinese wealthy people keen to consume foreign brands, but can not get a cultural settlement. On the other hand, the historical memory of the past 170 years makes the cultural reorganization which contains a clear nationalist sentiment, resulting in a strong resistance to foreign brands, but in addition, there are almost no substitutes available, the same into The dilemma. Lu Huiquan that there are two out of the way, one is to achieve the localization of luxury design, the other is to recognize some of the luxury born born from the different cultures, such as wine, and culture to these exotic goods a suitable location. These two roads of course not easy, “otherwise I would not be so tired.” Cartier love ring replica said with a smile.

Cartier is because of the favor of the royal family was successful, therefore, Lu Huiquan also pay special attention to observe the Chinese view of the royal family. “This is a very interesting thing,” Lu Huiquan said: “Chinese people and the emperor lived together for two thousand years, and now no, and certainly have a cultural response.” Read the February issue on royal life After the report of the ritual study, he said: “The memory, research and expression of the royal family is too important for today’s life in China, and you can not get together with the royal family, whether it is real estate, car or anything else. But it is still an irreplaceable way to imagine a world of culture and draw the energy of life from it.

“The Chinese are also very concerned about the royal family life of other countries, there have been repeated reports of the British royal family, which is a way for the Chinese people to imagine the center of the world.” Cartier soon realized that his royal background is huge Of the market value, they are almost always in the pursuit of traditional Chinese history mark held a variety of large-scale activities. In 1996, Cartier exhibited in the Forbidden City by the famous artist design of gold-plated bottles, 2005, the evening of June 25, Cartier high jewelry appreciation dinner in Beijing Drum Tower area held in Guan Yue Temple, the same year, Cartier’s Richemont even in the group The temple of Beijing held a “watch miracle” exhibition. It is said that after several months of negotiations with the Chinese government, Richemont received support for the first three weeks before the opening. Cartier is not the first to think of the use of these places, but Cartier is in the connotation of the brand most fit the historical memory of these places.

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