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as far as possible from the midfield distance to take care of T and DOT in the target

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Throwing blood and then back to the midfield. Stay to the blood of the people. Green ball and hide pillars AOE with the spirit + Prayer with blood, take the bit with thunder to recover.

Opening smooth sets 3 recovery card CD healing, AOE (torture outbreak) with the spirit, after the continued AOE connection to maintain recovery time,

Pay attention to magic BUFF about 5 seconds to disperse, pray as suffocating dark (corrosion black circle) do something yourself.

Double T own recovery, AOE lost the spirit after the connection brush CD, the first wave of wave AOE Ibid, P2 blood with prayer brush blood. Move attention to thunderbolt recovery.
P1 double T own recovery, blueprint to the Master / hunter, due to the impact of the mechanism will cause the whole continued AOE can be connected as possible to maintain recovery.
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  The team for the first time to change the chance to join the brush after the time, such as the number of layers of accidental stack to read Prayer with blood. Absorb the shield with the Spirit of Prayer.

  P2 on the same, the focus of the cold shot in the rapid shooting of people who died suddenly.

P3 with P1, basically no pressure.

Double T their own recovery, each round of the snake to share the lost spirit + joint lift the blood, to swallow the hunger (2 minutes DOT) on the recovery of people, quietly lost half of the blood of the people.

  P2 keep double T own 3 recovery, carrying water continued to hurt with the spirit + prayer blood lift, the appropriate recovery to prepare the next round of the Hydra.

  P3 to leave a blueprint to hang their own, black water can suck on the suction, to swallow the DOT people to maintain recovery, nine snake spirit + prayer blood. (Click to buy?wow?gold, all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

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