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Air suspension: how did?

One of the most controversial automotive modifications that there is the installation of air suspension systems – which replace conventional coil springs by compressed air pockets. It is not hard to find those who think that the air suspension only serves to make life easier for ultra lowered cars, Engine Parts but in fact the system is much older than any tuning trend – and has much larger applications than adjust the height of your car .
But what are they? And after all, as someone had the idea to exchange springs for air bags?
The first system similar to what we call air suspension today was patented in 1901 by William W. Humphreys, who called the system “Pneumatic spring for vehicles”. It consisted of two long longitudinal bags that ran the entire length of the vehicle, and each had an air valve.
The system has not seen practical application, Connecting Rods but in 1909 the British company Cowey Motor Works has introduced a system that used a cylinder with a diaphragm made of rubber, inflated using a bicycle pump. However, the materials available at the time were not exactly quality, and so the system was leaking and needed to be inflated frequently.
The first reliable air suspension point of have a practical use has been developed by Firestone especially for the last scarab Experimental prototype Stout, filed in 1946, which was also the first car with a fiberglass body in the world. The principle was the same modern systems: four air bags replaced the conventional springs, and had their pressure controlled by four small compressors connected to each exchange.
The Stout Scarab was never produced, but the air suspension system found practical applications in commercial vehicles shortly afterwards – it was a good solution to level the ride height of a heavy vehicle such as a truck or a bus.
After the introduction of the hydropneumatic suspension, which took place in 1954 with the Citro?n DS, manufacturers began to see the air suspension a cheaper equivalent to the French system. General Motors, one of the first to employ the air suspension in commercial vehicles, started to offer it as standard on the Cadillac Eldorado Broughham in 1957, making it also one of the first to employ a system in passenger cars.
Publications of the time said the air suspension was softer than the conventional spring-loaded, but not much. Also, they observed that the reaction time was higher in sudden maneuvers, which could pose a security risk. So soon as the air suspension with cars have been discontinued, and the air suspension only again be offered in an American car in 1984 with the Lincoln Continental Mark VII.
This did not prevent other manufacturers around the world to develop their own systems and adopt the air suspension on their more expensive models. In 1962, for example, Mercedes-Benz, had the 300SE (W112) with an air pocket on each axis, both controlled by Bosch valve, and also started to offer the system in the limo 600 Grosser, which was produced until 1984 .
From there, numerous air suspension systems, Coilovers factory or aftermarket – the most famous are those of Air Lift Performance – began to emerge.

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