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After the expansion financing again

Urgent needs solvable,Albion Online Gold persistent doubts

2010 is eligible for $ 10 million A round of investment; July 2011 is eligible for $ 50 million B round of financing; May 2014 is eligible for $ 300 million Series C round of financing;Tera Gold January 2015 is eligible for $ 700 million D round of financing ……

History of the US group not long but has a long history of financing. This is where the tragedy of the US group. In the case of the business itself can not provide cash flow transfusion, business expansion needs of burn, we can only rely on financing. After the expansion financing again, and then burn, and then a new round of financing, a new round of money-burning, and so on ad infinitum, fall into a vicious cycle.

While financing may temporarily meet their urgent needs, to provide support for business burn, but in the end not a permanent solution. For O2O industry, burn only temporarily attract customers, bringing the size of the expansion of the surface. Neither strengthen user stickiness, can not exchange earnings, but does not have sustainability. If you can build a low threshold by burn and smoke into, to wear down the opponent, but also of future prospects down, but now it seems to see this possibility.

Especially in the face of Baidu, Tencent and other Zhengchou money and no place children spend Zhu Er, the US group and its match with the burn, apparently unwise.

Commission rates continued to decline has been questioned

In the current can be expected of the three revenue models (commissions, advertising, use of funds precipitation do Internet banking) have reported the case of floating, the US group wantonly burn results, it seems that only the commission rates steadily decline. US Mission commission rate from the current round of financing when 5% to 2%. So low commission rates, not only by the commission to the US group Tyrant dreams basic dashed – at least for now still do not see a way out, but also lead to the expansion of US business groups become sale “loss leader”, the higher the GMV, deficit The more severe, according to projections, the current US group monthly loss of roughly 6 billion deficit in the face of the situation does not continue to expand, this year’s deficit will reach 7.2 billion giant. Financing continue to rely on blood transfusions.

Future, unless Wang to create new revenue models to compete with rivals more threshold. For now, maybe possible, but more is impossible, this, or Xu Wangxing too well aware. But it is clear, he repeated “financing – burn” certainly does not help the US group the cast build threshold.

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